Deuk Kong, Massage Therapist

  • Deuk Kong
    Massage Therapist

    Deuk Kong was born in South Korea. Deuk has worked in Korea, Japan and Thailand to hone his special massage technique, an integration of multiple wellness disciplines aimed at providing effective pain relief by natural, noninvasive means.

    After many years of experience, he came to the United States, where he attended Columbia College Therapeutic Massage, and graduated with MT, CMT, and LMT certificates. He is currently licensed in VA, MD and DC. His massage technique is based on deep work, meditation, proper breathing technique, reflexology, as well as integrated well-balanced nutritional diet, drinking tea to purify the body, and combining simple physical exercises.

    Deuk believes that while it may relieve the pain as a symptom, a regular massage is not enough to not necessarily address its cause. Instead, a series of sessions with Deuk, involving deep manipulation of connective tissue, release and re-alignment the body will address the physiological sources of pain and restore both movement and function.

    In our daily lives, stress, aging, physical activity and other external factors impact our bodies and may ultimately result the experience of physical pain. Deuk focuses on his technique to suit your individual body and symptoms to rid you of your pain. Deuk offers medical massage, therapeutic reflexology, sports massage, lymphatic drainage massage, bellybutton breathing massage, facial massage, and pain management massage.